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Our areas of focus have been honed over 30 years of investing and operating.

We believe that experience and compounded knowledge inform our strengths as technology investors.

We remain committed to our areas of expertise, working closely with companies in select industry segments because that is where we can win together. 

We are thesis-driven investors. We seek to invest in software-defined industry segments where proprietary intellectual property and strong market opportunities provide the raw ingredients upon which to build.


Our founding partners knew that to create a successful private equity firm for the long term, it is essential to combine investing experience with operational depth. Our team, who has worked together across market cycles, is comprised of a group of experienced investors and operators who inject an entrepreneurial spirit, problem-solving attitude and perseverance into everything we do. We share a First Principles mindset that guides where and how we spend our finite time and abundant energy.



Clearhaven's team is supported by a group of seasoned software and technology operators. These talented executives have built businesses, large and small, and now dedicate their efforts to helping Clearhaven's portfolio companies implement best practices and realize their greatest potential.


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Boston, MA

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